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Never give up! You can accomplish what you set out to do if only you believe in yourself.

Judge Bevanne Bowers
Per Diem Judge
District and Family Courts of Hawaii’s Second Judicial District

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The Sky’s The Limit!

The Sky’s The Limit!

Maui resident and licensed commercial pilot Tessa Coulter is a visionary behind AI (artificial intelligence) aviation software as well as her new nonprofit: The Little Yellow Airplane Project. Coulter also volunteers her time and her own plane to fly rescue animals,...

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Coffee With A Cop

Coffee With A Cop

In December, a Coffee with a Cop event was held at the Dairy Road Starbucks. Police officers in green Starbucks aprons surprised customers with free coffee and conversation. “Coffee with a Cop brings officers and the community members they serve together,” said Jun...

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Adaptive Capacity For Your Business

Adaptive Capacity For Your Business

The 12th Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) Women in Business Seminar Series webinar, Adaptive Capacity and What It Means for Your Business, was presented in partnership with the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC). Supported by the SBA Community Navigator...

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Bringing in the New Year

Bringing in the New Year

January’s namesake, Janus – Roman god of beginnings, had two faces that allowed him to look back into the past and forward into the future. With the New Year upon us, it is time to look back and reflect on a year dominated by heartache, tragedy and loss on Maui, and...

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Maui Santa Brings Joy And Singing

Christmas, celebrated in numerous ways all over the world, is a joyful time. While many people on Maui have endured grief and suffering caused by the devastation of the August 7 wildfires, the Christmas season brings hope and faith for a better future. Maui resident...

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The Aerospace Industry On Maui

Maui Economic Development Board presented a Maui TechOhana event in November on the topic of Aerospace on Maui. Supported by the County of Maui, MEDB’s TechOhana provide an informal networking opportunity open to anyone interested in Maui County’s innovation and...

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Trends Maui Nui 2020

Work on the 2020 report began in late 2018, as an update to the 2008 Next Steps Report—to record changes over the decade, to prepare for the 2020 U.S. Census, and to contextualize quantitative research. Like the 2008 report, it is comprised primarily of secondary data, but Trends Maui Nui 2020 includes far more data than its predecessor. It also includes six narratives that bring life to quantitative data. These narratives were developed with the help of a collection of qualitative one-on-one interviews with a cross section of topic experts and residents of Maui County.

About Focus Maui Nui

Focus Maui Nui, a program of Maui Economic Development Board, is a community process seeking the input of local citizens in a discussion about what residents want for the future of our islands (Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe) which together make up Maui Nui and Maui County.

The project is designed to bring individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the county together to identify and prioritize shared values and to send clear messages to local leaders about what we want for our islands, our communities, and our future.

Our Vision


Maui Nui will be an innovative model of sustainable island living and a place where every child can grow to reach his or her potential.


The needs of each individual, the needs of our natural and cultural assets, and the needs of the whole community will be brought into balance to reflect the extremely high value we place on both the land and its people.


The education and well-being of young people will be fostered to ensure that those born on these islands can, if they choose, spend their whole lives here – raising children, owning homes, enjoying rewarding jobs, and taking advantage of opportunities to contribute to this community and to be good stewards of our local treasures.


Maui Nui will be a leader in the creation of responsible, self-sufficient communities and environmentally sound economic development.


That which makes Maui Nui unique in the world will be preserved, celebrated, and protected for generations to come.