Our Islands, Our Future

As we celebrate Women in History month across the nation, we are truly blessed that Lei’ohu Ryder continues to bring the spirit of aloha to Maui and to the world. A beacon of light in the community, Ryder’s music and albums have touched the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Her kuleana (responsibility), leadership, and honor for all beings is her global calling, and her talents and wisdom are loved everywhere she goes. She has received the Peace Educator Award from the United Nations, the Women of Honor Award from Women’s History Month, the Educator Award from the Peace Corps, and the Malama Ka’Aina Award from the Sierra Club.

“Aloha is everything!,” Ryder explained. “It is about living in the moment, grounding my heart in service, and helping wherever I can. I received my awards because I am passionate about peace. I designed a peace curriculum when I taught at ‘Iao Intermediate School, and recorded music with children based on DOE goals, all around harmony and tranquility. It was through being a peace advocate, blind to ideologies that separate us from experiencing the true nature of ourselves and others, that I was honored with the Gandhi-King Peace Award.”

Aloha in Action, a nonprofit started by Ryder and Maydeen Kuuipo ‘Iao, both known as spiritual leaders, visionaries, healers, singers/songwriters and educators, earned them the title of Emissaries of Aloha. “Aloha in Action translates to helping others,” Ryder explained. “Our concerts support Aloha in Action as well as donations from community members. Through the nonprofit, we have been able to build schools in Kenya, provide scholarships in India, and contribute to educational funds here in Hawai’i. Additionally, we are able to help individual people and families in need of food and supplies here on Maui. It is wonderful to go directly to the people with goodwill and lovingkindness. We cannot fix everything, but Aloha in Action is giving something, and every bit helps. We invite the world to join us. Let us create a lei of aloha together, string it along and find the treasure of love in the center.”

We are currently recording our new CD, ‘Sacredness of All’, due out in May. Our music is about sharing a healing message that touches hearts.

Lei’ohu Ryder, Maui Musician and Emissary of Aloha