Our Islands, Our Future

For more than four decades now, Maui Memorial Medical Center Auxiliary members have poured time and energy into supporting the hospital’s mission to provide high quality medical services. The 62 active volunteers, according to President Amy Hanlon, give approximately 10,000 hours of service in 14 hospital departments on a yearly basis. Their work has included supporting patient care, operating a gift shop on the hospital grounds and organizing fundraisers that have contributed over the years more than $2 million in scholarships, hospital equipment and training.

Hanlon has been a volunteer since April 1989 after her husband, the late Dr. Marion Hanlon, suggested she give it a try. “I wanted to work wherever it makes a difference,” she said. She started off with supporting the billing department and today helps sort the mail on a regular basis. “I really enjoy it,” she said. The auxiliary is made of retirees, many of them former teachers, nurses, hotel workers and hospital employees. “I think we have a wonderful fellowship with all our volunteers, and the administration at the hospital is awesome with support and cooperation,” Hanlon said. The auxiliary, organized formally in 1968 by a group of 10 women, has partnered with the Maui Memorial Medical Center Foundation in some of its gifts to the hospital. Hanlon said she works with the administration before purchasing any items. The most recent gift – 50 bedside tables valued at about $30,000 – came about when the auxiliary learned the hospital was purchasing new beds.

“Our auxiliary does an incredible job of providing support wherever it’s needed within the hospital,” Chief Executive Officer Wesley Lo said. Lo, who serves as the chairman of the Maui Economic Development Board, said the volunteers are essential to the hospital’s operations. “They devote themselves to their work and are committed to helping us to fulfill our mission. … It’s also a meaningful way for people to give back to their community while helping others.”