Our Islands, Our Future

At Betsill Brothers Construction Inc., business is more than building affordable homes and buildings. It’s about building relationships, a value inspired by the family patriarch, Doyle Betsill Sr. “We provide excellent service to our customers and our dad, who was a builder, taught us to build a better product for less than our competition,” said Dwayne Betsill, the company president and a board member of the Maui Economic Development Board. “We treat everyone with honor, regardless of their status and always respond to others the way we desire for them to respond to us. In our daily operations we choose to be fair and build a quality product for our customers.”

Betsill Brothers began in the 1970s, with Doyle Betsill Sr., who taught his four sons a work ethic and foundation in the construction industry. The sons – Doyle Jr., Dwayne, Steve and Randy together founded Betsill Brothers on Kauai in 1993 to help repair the destruction from Hurricane Iniki. They moved to Maui a year later and started building 42 homes in Waiehu Terrace. Dwayne operates the company now. Steve died in 2002; Doyle Jr. has retired and Randy moved to Texas about nine years ago. The family business mission remains: To provide affordable housing in the islands. Betsill Brothers does a myriad of construction projects from residential homes to condominiums, commercial buildings and large remodeling jobs. The firm has had as many as 153 employees, many of whom are now subcontractors and vendors who partner on a variety of projects.

Betsill Brothers cut back staff to seven employees in 2007 to deal with an economic crash. Betsill said his company’s role in the economy is to provide jobs, especially through subcontractors. “We have built relationships and made good friends over the last 20 years, and that is our greatest success,” he said. Betsill supports MEDB‘s Ke Alahele Education program because: “I want to see our kids receive their education and return to the island and use their STEM education to improve our island.” The company also supports New Hope Maui, which mentors Maui students, and Feed My Sheep, a feeding program for needy residents. “Life is too short not to give back.”