Our Islands, Our Future

Patricia Boulet

An internship in the Maui Smart Grid project energized three people to launch businesses aimed at helping Hawaii reach its clean energy goals. They are Patricia Boulet, Green Energy Consulting; Stamati Stamatiou, Mati Consulting; and Austin Van Heusen, Van Heusen Energy Consulting. Each of them had been enrolled in the Sustainable Living Institute of Maui program through the University of Hawaii Maui College. And each has a goal to help both residential and commercial clients become more energy efficient.

“Energy efficiency is often overlooked but it is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your electric bill,” Boulet said. “Getting an energy audit is the first step in understanding your energy use and how to lower your electric bill without reducing the quality of your life.” A certified home energy auditor, Stamatiou said every home audit in the Smart Grid project resulted in finding opportunities for energy savings, many at low or no cost to homeowners. Van Heusen, who now interns at Green Building LLC, said his energy consulting business assesses energy usage and then makes recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades.

Stamati Stamatiou

Stamati Stamatiou

Stamatiou said he formed Mati Consulting nearly two years ago with a desire to apply the energy efficiency principles and green building concepts he studied in school. “My goal is to be a part of the solution to the issues facing our island and our planet, specifically through promoting the implementation of energy efficiency measures,” Stamatiou said. Boulet said she believes a successful business will mean following her passion — promoting green technology and energy efficiency, and following through — “Making sure that these recommendations make sense to my clients both logically and to their wallets.” Van Heusen said he would like to help build a green work force that is beneficial to both Maui’s economy and environment.