Our Islands, Our Future

Elections represent the will of citizens and election year 2010 was no different.

Congratulations are due to candidates who will be sworn in to offices in Maui County, the Hawaii State Legislature, the 5th floor of the State Capitol and in Congress, but also to the candidates who offered voters a choice in ideas, philosophy and records.

The results will mean change in the Maui County Council and Hawaii State Legislature, in the Maui mayor’s seat and in the governor’s office. The results also mean change in many state and county departments as new appointees take over as directors and managers.

But if campaign slogans mean anything, there will be no change to perpetuation of core community values espoused by the constituency of Focus Maui Nui.

With the incoming leaders of the State of Hawaii, voters can be assured of attention to quality education as selection of members of the Board of Education is turned over to the new governor under the constitutional amendment approved by voters. Even as they differed on how to achieve the goals, returning incumbents and successful challengers all voiced support for values articulated by the participants of the Focus Maui Nui process: fostering quality education, preserving the Islands’ environmental and cultural resources, promoting targeted economic development and meeting the social and infrastructural needs of the community.

Those values are essential components of a healthy future for Maui Nui. The Focus Maui Nui process will continue to pursue consensus on strategies that provide quality opportunities for the residents of Maui County.

We look forward to the work ahead.