Our Islands, Our Future

At Bump Networks, founder Arben Kryeziu says his staff operates on the premise that work is not all about them. “All my team members are non-ego centric,” he said as he explained why the business has been sustainable for almost 10 years now. “To me it’s about the execution and for us, it’s an art form. We are not your cookie cutter business. We start with focusing on our client’s services and how we can build it up,” he said.

A software and technology solutions company, Bump Networks’ clients include the Maui Food Bank, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, the Pacific Disaster Center and Maui Gold pineapple. Bump Networks is just one of several entrepreneurial ventures Kryeziu is engaged with today. Last year, he co-founded mbloom, a business incubator and technology fund. The 37-year-old lives in Kula with his wife, Crystal, and their five-year-old daughter. According to his posted resume at Pegasus Capital where he serves as an operating partner, Kryeziu’s entrepreneurial success “has always hinged on clearly identifying company goals, strategizing resources, and maintaining profitable business models.” He said he and his team follow online trends, analyze successful businesses, and then actively pursue them. He uses “word of mouth” to obtain clients. “To me, it’s a very exciting time to be an entrepreneur,” Kryeziu said. “I especially like working with ‘techies’ to create and ignite something.”

Outside of his business, Kryeziu coordinated in May Maui’s first Startup Weekend, an international movement aimed at inspiring and empowering individuals, teams and communities. About 52 developers, marketers, product managers, technical and technology experts and entrepreneurs – mostly from Maui – participated. Jeanne Skog, Maui Economic Development Board President and CEO, served as one of six coaches for the Startup Weekend participants. MEDB Vice Chairman Ned Davis, founder of fledgling business called Maui Water Solutions, said he benefited as a participant and was grateful for networking with other entrepreneurs. Kryeziu plans to hold another Startup Weekend later this fall on Maui. “Our island and our community are growing. We have the talent here, we just have to come together,” he said.