Our Islands, Our Future

alohacreations-rAlo(ha) Creations is a new family-run business on Maui. Their goal is to create unique products made with aloha you can take with you. “The meaning of our company name Alo(ha) is comprised of two parts,” explained Micah Alo, founder of Alo(ha) Creations. “Our family name is Alo, the first part, and the Hawaiian word “ha” meaning to breathe or give life, is the second part. It is our hope that our food, art and other creations will bring life and love to our customers.”

Alo, a former Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus graduate and Maui Interscholastic League soccer standout, said that after a tryout with the professional Portland Timbers didn’t work out, he turned to business, his other passion. “After the tryout I went to World Youth Day (WYD) in Poland to see Pope Francis. My experience at WYD, with people from all over the world, gave me the faith I needed to start my own business.”

Alo began to see the different talents that his family possessed and thought, “Why not turn these into a business? My family and I started our business a few months ago and my mom’s cookies have already taken off,” Alo noted. “Our goal is to make Rochelle’s Famous Chocolate Chip cookies a household name. Additionally, I saw the talent of my brother Chandler and sister Gabrielle and felt their art should be on display for everyone to see. My nana, Carol, and aunty Elaine, are gifted in crafts and packaging, and have really helped incorporate the cookies, artwork, and other local products into our gift baskets, which we also make for events.”

Just recently the family attended the 2016 Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Business Fest. “The event was an inspiring opportunity for local business people to see that they can successfully contribute to the island community as well as to the world. I met folks from Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and others, who provided me with amazing insight that I will use to expand Alo(ha) Creations.”

MEDB provides many educational opportunities for new businesses that we plan to take advantage of.

Micah Alo, Alo(ha) Creations