Our Islands, Our Future

Maui resident and author Trish Michael wrote a children’s book, Find Your Happy, that enlightens, inspires and uplifts. The book playfully, yet powerfully, reminds us that finding happiness is possible, regardless of our circumstances. It puts the power of choice into the reader’s hands, simply by shifting into a better space, at times they might feel most powerless. It speaks to young children coping with trauma, to troubled teens who might need a nudge towards owning their decisions and behavior, and to adults who are trying to rebuild their lives and may have forgotten a bit of themselves along the way. Additionally, it is all cleverly packaged in a delightful children’s book that is fun and easy to read.

“Find Your Happy was born out of pain and struggle,” Michael explained. “My own journey of hardship, as a teenage mother in an abusive marriage and as a two-time cancer survivor, has taught me how my own mindset affects everything I do. Find Your Happy contains ‘CliffsNotes® to life’, as it were, to help us all find more happiness every day, no matter how hard it is. The book is about empowerment, seeing the good, and making the best of anything that comes our way. It follows Little Miss J and her pal Iggy Piggy as they learn simple, yet profound life lessons. The reader follows along as the characters find happiness by making better choices and owning their journey. Its rhythmic cadence and truthful message of encouragement leaves readers feeling empowered.”

Find Your Happy really is for everyone. Written and illustrated as a children’s book, it is a self- help book in disguise. “I see this as a book that people read to their children and then end up getting something positive out of it for themselves,” Michael noted. “The colorful and cheerful illustrations, relatable characters and comforting tone make it an enjoyable and instructive read for one and all, proving you can Find Your Happy at any age. Also, watch for my new book, Light, which helps readers feel lighter inside and outside in their daily life.”

I am working hard to inspire people to find their happiness and soak up every sweet moment in between the hard ones. Love yourself and use your true voice. Trish Michael, Maui author