Our Islands, Our Future

Haiku resident John Cadman’s career as a hotel sous chef, a school cafeteria manager and now the owner of a locally sourced food business has always focused on healthy alternatives. “I just felt like it was my destiny,” Cadman said, referring to his newest venture as the owner and sole operator of the Maui Breadfruit Company and Pono Pies. Cadman earned first place at the 2014 Hawaii Food Products Recipe Contest for his Maui ‘Ulu Hummus during the Maui County Ag Festival.

After working for 18 years in cafeterias at Haiku Elementary, King Kekaulike High School and Kamehameha Schools Maui, Cadman found himself studying, cooking and eventually promoting the use of breadfruit in daily living. “There was like this huge hole, vacuum, with breadfruit. I was so inspired, I decided to go with it,” he said. He launched Pono Pies, gluten-free, dairy-free desserts served up at local restaurants and sold at retail outlets. The pies made their debut at Whole Foods Market in Kahului just this month. The Maui ‘Ulu Hummus features breadfruit, macadamia nuts and lemon juice as its primary ingredients. Cadman says 90 percent of the hummus comes from local island sources. “Localized food sources make a lot of sense, and it allows us to be healthy,” he said.

“I think people are eating with a conscience,” Cadman said, noting a national shift away from processed foods and items with high sugar and high fat content. “We’re all more conscious now of the leading causes of obesity, diabetes and cancer and most of them are causes by lifestyle choices, especially diet,” he said. As the winner of the Hawaii Food Products Recipe Contest, Cadman will receive assistance from Maui Food Technology Center consultants with nutritional labels or food science services. “I’ll take all the help I can get,” Cadman said.

The Maui Food Technology Center is an organization dedicated to growing Hawaii’s food industry and connecting students, food producers and farmers through the practice of food science. The Maui Economic Development Board is a founding member of the Maui Food Technology Center, and MEDB President and CEO Jeanne Skog serves on its board of directors.

“Eating consciously entails eating food that’s healthier for the body, the environment and for the planet.” — John Cadman, Owner and operator of the Maui Breadfruit Company, Winner of the 2014 Hawaii Food Products Recipe Contest