Our Islands, Our Future
Kristin Holmes

Kristin Holmes, owner of Swan Interiors

Teamwork, fairness and the motivation to serve its clients are all factors in the success of Swan Interiors, which has been in business for more than nearly 30 years, according to owner Kristin Holmes. “The driving force of our success is to have clients appreciate a beautiful environment and how one feels in a space that elevates individuals,” Holmes said. “Turn key projects require an immense amount of time and management that goes well beyond what clients can see or imagine. Above all, it is dedication to client satisfaction that prevails.”

Holmes opened her small business in 1985 and after serving private clients for 25 years, she expanded by opening a furnishings store in Wailuku in 2010. The business employs one full-time designer, two store designers and a bookkeeper. “We work as a team and everyone knows that they are part of this extended circle,” Holmes said. “We are the first stone thrown in the pond and as the outward ripples keep going, the circle gets bigger and all our skills are needed to get the job done for the client in a professional and efficient manner.” Holmes also said that fairness plays a key part in her business’ success, particularly when it comes to its product pricing structure and the way people in and outside of the firm are treated. “I honor and appreciate every effort that is made by those that help our business to thrive.”

In keeping up with addressing Swan Interiors’ clients needs, Holmes and her staff have participated in several social media classes and workshops sponsored by Maui Economic Development Board. Staffers are constantly looking for ways to bring technology into their daily tasks while also using the networking opportunities to maximize the business’s exposure. Holmes herself participates and supports the Maui Smart Grid Project in her home and design studio. The program is designed to demonstrate and evaluate new technologies that will help residents better manage and reduce energy consumption during periods of high demand. It also assists Maui Electric Co. operate its electricity grid more efficiently.