Our Islands, Our Future

Picture 8The General Plan is a term for a series of planning documents that will guide future growth and policy creation in the County. The Countywide Policy Plan acts as an overarching values statement and is an umbrella policy document for the Island and Community Plans. The Maui Island Plan will function as a regional plan and address the unique problems and needs of the Island of Maui and establish specific policies relating to regional systems such as transportation, utilities, and growth management for the Island of Maui. The Community Plans will reflect the unique characteristics of each Community Plan area and enable residents and stakeholders within those areas to address location specific challenges. In addition to the General Plan, Maui County also maintains a variety of other plans, each designed to meet specific administrative, funding or policy goals. The General Plan is intended to support, not supplant, these ongoing planning efforts. Moreover, the General Plan encourages the development of additional functional plans for various county systems or specific area plans. One of the greatest challenges in the development of this plan was avoiding duplication of efforts and ensuring that the plan would complement, rather than compete with other county and State Plans.

Excerpt from DRAFT MAUI ISLAND PLAN, Introduction.