Our Islands, Our Future

The Focus Maui Nui process identified the key role of government in responding to community values and needs, and the importance of open, ongoing communication. To promote this dialogue, we continue a series of profiles of newly appointed County Department Directors.

Sandy Baz had to hit the ground running when he took up his appointment as the County’s Budget Director in January this year—he had only a few weeks to prepare incoming Mayor Arakawa’s budget for Fiscal Year 2012, the period running from July 2011 through June 2012. The Mayor presented his Budget proposal in mid-March, and over the coming weeks, the proposal will be deliberated upon by the Council with input from Department Directors, discussed in public hearings attended by the Council across the County, and a final version adopted by June.

Baz’s main responsibility is preparing and administering the County budget. The budget cycle begins in August, when County Departments begin submitting funding requests, and initial public testimony to provide community input takes place in all County planning districts. The Budget Director and staff review, analyze and coordinate Department requests and shape the budget proposal in concert with the Mayor, who sets policy priorities.

Baz was born and raised on Maui and is a graduate of St. Anthony High School. He holds a degree in business management and is a winner of the Pacific Business News “Forty Under 40” award in addition to other leadership awards. As the former Executive Director of MEO, Baz reflects, “I look forward to drawing on my previous experience to improve accountability and specifically to link performance criteria to measurable outcomes. I am enjoying my role of aligning the mission and goals of the County and its Departments with the needs of the community and within the financial resources available.”