Our Islands, Our Future

Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) sponsored approximately 30 people from around the world for the first 2020 meeting of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB). OpenMP is a software system that allows programmers to distribute work and data among different processors running concurrently in a computing system. Dr. Michael Klemm, CEO OpenMP ARB, said, “Working together face-to-face is an integral part of the development process for future OpenMP specifications. I want to thank MEDB for making our meeting possible on this beautiful island.”

The Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC), through the University of Hawaii (UH), joined the OpenMP ARB in the fall of 2018. The group is responsible for maintaining an open standard that all computer companies, such as Intel, IBM, and many others, agree to support, and that meets the needs of national and international laboratories, universities, computer centers, and researchers worldwide. Often, these users want new features. The purpose of the meetings, held three times per year in different locations, is to bring users and people from the computer companies together to agree on how new features should be added to the standard.

“The MHPCC strives to drive our needs into commercially available products while advancing its computing capabilities with the latest technology that industry has to offer,” said Lt. Col. Scott Pierce, USAF, MHPCC Director. “The OpenMP consortium gives us the opportunity to engage with industry, academic, and international partners to develop standards and tools. These tools build the computational base by which we can model, simulate, design, and develop systems across many of our modernization priorities.”

Dr. Alice Koniges, UH Research Principal Investigator, is the primary representative from MHPCC and UH on the OpenMP ARB. She is also a Maui author, with two co-authors, of a new book, The OpenMP Common Core, just released from the MIT Press. “Our book fills a major gap in parallel programming, explaining a method to reduce the amount of time to run a computer program,” Koniges said. “It offers an introduction to widely used features in OpenMP and describes how to use them to solve a range of programming problems.”

Using a wide assortment of exercises, our book guides readers through the most essential elements of writing parallel code to become effective programmers

Alice Koniges, Ph.D., UH Research Principal Investigator