Our Islands, Our Future

Accu-Pest & Termite Control Services owner/operator Jerry Edlao has his hands full getting rid of pests for his customers, so he doesn’t have the time to tackle some of the pesky legal issues that affect his business. And that’s why the recent Legal Toolkit workshop was so valuable, he said. “I think that anyone who is a small business owner or thinking about becoming one needs to educate themselves on what (business) entity best fits their needs when doing business,” he said. “Taking advantage of workshops like this is essential to the success of a small business owner and his company.”

Maui Economic Development Board sponsored the “Legal Toolkit” workshop in partnership with legal experts in the field. Prominent corporate attorneys spoke at the workshop about a variety of issues from what to consider when drafting small business legal documents to how to protect a company’s name. Edlao signed up for the workshop with his daughter, Cyje, “to increase our knowledge of various forms of business entities. We hoped that the knowledge gained at the workshop would contribute to guiding us in making informed decisions toward changing our business structure.” And, he said, he was not disappointed. “The speakers were experienced, knowledgeable and possessed a genuine desire to help small business owners like myself … The most useful lesson I learned at the workshop was understanding the process to transition from one type of business entity to another form.” Edlao said his business is “committed to providing our customers with high-quality services by utilizing Integrated Pest Management Practices that do not compromise the safety of our customers, employees and environment.”