Our Islands, Our Future

Rev. Dr. Cindy Paulos is a Maui radio personality, minister, artist, composer, lyricist, and author. Her CD, Practicing Aloha won the Hawaii Music Award in the Inspirational Category, and was nominated for a Hoku (her 6th nomination) by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts. Recently, Paulos and composer Stephen Melillo won two gold medals at the Global Music Awards and the 2022 Hollywood Music in Media Award in the Epic/Orchestral category for their CD, Love Conquers All. 

In Paulos’ latest book release, The Christmas Gift: When Heaven Merges with Earth, a companion for the latter CD, she brings the light and spirit of Christmas into the hearts of all people and all faiths. “The meaning of the holiday is a human one of experiences, tolerance, kindness and love,” she said. “The gift of Christmas transforms lives. When people live with more understanding of these qualities, they naturally bring more compassion into their daily lives. These are the kinds of gifts at Christmas which we need to relate to, every day of the year. I hope my book inspires others to see that ‘Love’ merges heaven and earth.”

After reading the book, Melillo said, “What would be the use of great accomplishment, success, degrees, massive output, or any measure of accolades and gifts without love and kindness? Paulos looks at the world and hears words, looks up to the stars and sees poetry. She congeals these messages with great tenderness and releases them into her music and books. Her flow of words spread much needed lovingkindness and goodwill into our world.”

Paulos added, “It seems so many do not understand the significance of all the elements represented in the Christmas story and the deeper meaning of them. There is a mystical perspective to the timeless story. It is a tale of light for all mankind. If we go within and find the symbolism and the true gift of Christmas we realize it is a celebration, a time for giving and not simply a day on which we exchange gifts. It is a day we think about others—a selfless time, when we forgive, take stock of what’s important, and become better versions of ourselves.”

Christmas, a time of promise, generosity and hospitality, is the Yuletide hope for peace on earth and goodwill to all. Cindy Paulos, Author, The Christmas Gift: Where Heaven and Earth Merge