Our Islands, Our Future

As we prepare for the arrival of 2015, Focus Maui Nui takes a detour from featuring local people, students, teachers and businesses. Today we revisit its roots by urging everyone to recommit to Focus Maui Nui’s five key strategies for action – Improve Education; Protect the Environment, including our water resources; Address Infrastructure Challenges, especially housing and transportation; Adopt targeted economic development strategies; Preserve local culture and address community health concerns such as substance abuse.

Give to Maui Nui

adopt a Robotics team volunteer as a tutor in science, technology, engineering and math read a book to your child provide a teacher with supplies for students volunteer at a school or a nonprofit support a Hawaiian language immersion program become a “big” and adopt a “little” tutor a child in an after-school program clean up a roadside recycle take a reusable shopping bag for your purchases donate gently used items to a rummage sale walk ride a bike plant a tree turn off unused lights ride the Maui Bus attend a public hearing of your choice write or call your elected representative mentor a small business eat Maui-grown onions take a ‘staycation’ buy a locally made jam seek out Made on Maui products buy a book by a local author learn to hula speak Hawaiian track key decision making on a policy participate in a public hearing watch public TV donate to a fundraiser schedule an annual checkup with your doctor treat your guests to an agri-tourism site attend a cultural event quit smoking exercise 30 minutes per day, five days a week eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

Some ideas from us…Share yours with us below!

Happy Holidays from Focus Maui Nui!