Our Islands, Our Future

Paula Baldwin is the new president of A Cup of Cold Water (ACCW), the community care-van outreach program on Maui− distributing food, hygiene items and clothing to the needy in the community. The 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization has grown from its Episcopal Church inception to include numerous volunteers, churches, and organizations from around the island.

Baldwin took over the position as ACCW president from its founder, retired deputy police chief Keku Akana. “Baldwin is doing a fantastic job!” said Akana. “Becoming the president of an all-volunteer homeless outreach ministry with more than 70 volunteers and plenty of moving parts is no easy feat. Under Baldwin’s leadership the ACCW group, and other wonderful volunteers, have realized all-around better communications. We launched the ACCW e-newsletter, organized a hard-copy filing system to include operational and administrative forms, ensured regular and timely board meetings, and created open communications and bridging between the various units of ACCW, including run leaders, ride volunteers, supply team, and support staff. But most of all, Baldwin works and weaves her way through many of the subtle and behind-the-scenes challenges that an outreach such as ours encounters as we deal with day-to-day operations. She keeps things within the realm of simplicity, safety, and specificity, keeping it focused on the chronic street poor as we serve on the streets of Maui.”

Akana added, “Baldwin is a visible miracle, a woman of great strength, grit, and tenacity. She answered a call at a time in life when most women, or men, are content with a slow pace, a ‘me’ calendar, and an ‘I’ lifestyle.” Agreeing, ACCW volunteer Jean Fiddes said, “I want to thank Baldwin for saying ‘Yes’ to this earnest work, and for her heartfelt service.”

Baldwin said, “It gives me joy to use my organizational skills, to join committed friends, and watch ACCW continue to grow as a life-giving project. Life-giving for those we serve, and life-giving for us. We are all one community, serving and being served. I have always found that helping those in need brings more happiness to our own lives.”

The standard that ACCW set is to share resources with the approximately 750 in-need community members a month, with gratitude and service from the heart.

Paula Baldwin, ACCW President