Our Islands, Our Future

In this season of thanksgiving, we can gain inspiration from Matteo Musso, a frequent visitor to Maui, is a 14-year-old author, speaker, yet mostly non-verbal autistic young man. After almost 12 years of silence, Musso found his voice by spelling his thoughts, one letter at a time, on a stenciled letter board called a flatboard. His inspired thoughts, wisdom, and tips on autism are now being shared with the world.

Musso has given presentations at the Maui Autism Center, the Wisdom Center for Autism, on Maui Source TV, and wrote an article in Maui Vision Magazine. His books, “I am Yours” and “Love Land” are available on Amazon. He also has a YouTube series, Mondays with Matteo.

“It’s been a long road that led us to the miracle of finally getting to know Matteo,” said his mom, Annette. “He was diagnosed formally at age three, and after many years of difficult therapies was introduced to the Son-Rise program. Through the Rapid Prompting Method, he learned to communicate using the flatboard, which acts as a conduit between his deep thoughts and the expression of them in an understandable way.”

Annette continued, “Amazingly, Matteo was able to tell us what he thinks his life purpose is. He said he agreed with God to be a voice for the silent ones on this Earth and to encourage all of society to stop judging each other and move toward total acceptance of our differences, to see them as gifts which can bond us together instead of separating us. We can lift each other up even though our minds work differently, and we experience life in varied ways. Our differences provide depths of perspective, giving us many gifts to share.”

In a message of thanksgiving, Matteo said, “If we desire beautiful and fruitful crops in our lives, we don’t get to be bystanders. Seeing the good is an active choice on our part. Search for the things that are beautiful in your day. Notice the beauty that’s around you no matter what’s going on. We can plan our healthy harvest, then harvest the happiness that we have nurtured—even through the storms.”

Through a recent miraculous discovery, his trapped intelligence released, Matteo now shares amazing insights of love, God, finding happiness, and the gifts of autism.

Annette Musso, Matteo’s Mom