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Are you confused about the dizzying array of marketing options for your business?
Are you struggling with how to market your business on a tight budget?
You are not alone.

Albert Samuelian

Albert Samuelian

At the upcoming Hawaii Small Business Conference, Albert Samuelian, Managing Director, OMD West and Strategy, will share his expertise on “Powerful Marketing Strategies with a Small Business Budget.” Samuelian will discuss how small businesses can use social media and marketing resources within their budgets to get the word out about their products and services. With more than 20 years of experience, including 6 years with the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau, he specializes in combining marketing strategies using multi-media communication methods.

“My work focuses on strong integration across all forms of marketing that is consumer-focused and solution-oriented,” Samuelian explained. “I’m most excited about sharing utility-based marketing innovations that impact people’s lives in meaningful ways.”

Risk Management is another area that businesses need to consider. Drew Nagai, Assistant Vice President for Risk and Safety Management, First Insurance Company of Hawaii, will share the latest tools and strategies to assist business clients with managing their risk. “Every business is open to potential risks including the weather, fire, data loss, numerous types of theft, and a myriad of other damaging events,” said Nagai. “The goal during the session is to define, assess, and quantify what risks would most likely create an unrecoverable situation for your business.”

Hosted by Maui Economic Development Board and the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, the Hawaii Small Business Conference (HSBC) on May 3-4 at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center is timed to coincide with the United States National Small Business Week. The conference will provide business owners, entrepreneurs, and employees with an opportunity to expand their expertise in numerous industry-related subjects.

First day sessions will involve a combination of renowned specialists, plenary panels, and case studies on specific subjects such as Bottom Line Change®, Dimensions of Marketing, Customer Service, Data Security, and Risk Management. The second day will consist of workshops that will dive deeper into some of the subjects, including one on Tax Strategies for Small Businesses.

For information and reservations visit www.HawaiiSmall.Biz , email, or call (808) 875-2300.

Guidance on integrated marketing strategies is key for all business owners and I’m excited to share these at Hawaii Small Business Conference.

Albert Samuelian, Managing Director, OMD West and Strategy