Our Islands, Our Future

Chad Goodfellow

Whether it’s building communities or battling fires, Goodfellow Bros has maintained an ongoing commitment to social responsibility, according to President Chad Goodfellow. “Our mission is to be the contractor of choice by our clients, employees and the communities in which we live and work,” he said. You’ve likely seen Goodfellow Bros trucks and equipment working on any given day throughout the Hawaiian islands. The 90-year-old company takes charge of projects valued in hundreds of thousands of dollars, most recently constructing a portion of the Lahaina bypass and erecting buildings in the Kahului business park.

Employees work hard to help improve their community, volunteering in a variety of projects. Amongst the most memorable for Maui Regional Manager Ray Skelton, a 24-year company veteran, is his crews’ willingness to support local firefighters battling nearly inaccessible brush fires in South Maui. Goodfellow Bros has on many occasions provided bulldozers and trucks and the manpower to operate them. “If we are really to be corporate citizens who want to help out, we need to respond and work for our community,” Skelton said. At the fires, Goodfellow Bros follows the lead of the Maui Fire Department as they battle blazes. “We work with them at their direction. This is our opportunity to give back,” he said.

Aside from responding to fires, Goodfellow Bros employees have actively participated in local fundraising campaigns, volunteered at schools, served in nonprofit causes and coached in youth sports. Skelton remembers providing labor to build a playground at Kalama Park in Kihei and picking up trash and abandoned vehicles in a Community Work Day project. Goodfellow adds: “By partnering with vital nonprofit organizations, we actively enhance the communities for which we live and work. Inherent to our culture is a sense of pride in making a difference, and we encourage employees to get involved in the causes that touch their own lives.”