Our Islands, Our Future

CyberHawaii, in partnership with the Maui Economic Development Board, brought a Cyber Readiness Workshop to Maui for businesses and nonprofits. Cyber security is the practice of protecting systems, networks, programs, and people against digital attack. Pulling together a panel and participants from business, government, cyber security and Information Technology (IT) professionals to share their knowledge, experiences and best practices, CyberHawaii identified cyber security vulnerabilities and risks, explaining what to do and who can help.

“It is important to know how to develop and implement IT protocols for your company,” said Jennifer Sabas from CyberHawaii. “Our workshop teaches to reduce and mitigate cyber threats, and establish a practical response plan for cyber incidents.”

CyberHawaii is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing Hawaii’s cyber security capabilities. The organization is working to build a community that manages cyber risk through various methods, including the sharing of information in a secure enclave via the Homeland Security Information Network, a threat-awareness platform, and encouraging cyber-hygiene best practices.

Kolton Krug, CyberHawaii intern, said, “ It is important to create a cyber risk defense strategy and tactical plan. Cyber threats increase by the day. We discussed cyber insurance and the importance of having a cyber security program to protect sensitive data.”

Sylvester Libed, Community Clinic of Maui, noted, “Companies can get fined if data is breached, so we take it seriously. Technology is evolving. We need to be aware of how to protect the network, and what to do immediately if a breach happens. A speaker from the FBI told us to report the incident immediately to authorities and engage a forensic IT expert if necessary.”

Cassie Coffin, Maui Aids Foundation Assistant Director, added, “First and foremost, we want to protect our clients’ safety and privacy. We learned about the top four cyber issues: Weak passwords, vulnerabilities in the software, phishing email, and USB devices, and how to create a plan with policies and employee readiness to mitigate cyber threats with a practical response plan.” For more information, contact CyberHawaii at or

In May 2019 The Defensive Cyber Industry Consortium met with Governor Ige to develop the next steps to enhance the security of our critical infrastructure in Hawaii. This initiative is important to our federal and military partners, as well as our state, private sector and broader community.

Jennifer Sabas, CyberHawaii