Our Islands, Our Future

Continuing our series on newly appointed County Department Directors, reflecting the role of government in responding to community values and needs.

The priorities for Kyle Ginoza, Director of the County Department of Environmental Management, are directly aligned with two of the community values identified through the Focus Maui Nui process: Protecting the environment, through solid waste management and wastewater reclamation, and addressing related infrastructure challenges to improve capacity and ensure reliability of service. At the same time, Ginoza is responsible for ensuring the County is in compliance with EPA and other Federal and State regulatory mandates. His immediate challenges are launching a pilot curbside recycling program in South Maui, and expanding the recycled water capacity of the Lahaina wastewater treatment plant.

Ginoza was born and raised on Maui and graduated from Maui High School. He earned degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)from UCLA before beginning his career as a Project Manager for Honeywell in the field of commercial jet air conditioning. He returned with his wife, Kim, who is also from Maui, to raise their young family. He was Director of Transportation during Mayor Arakawa’s first term (2003-06), overseeing the early days of the Maui Bus system. More recently, he worked as a project manager for Munekiyo and Hiraga Inc., and for the County as a project engineer in their wastewater division.

“My family is my priority outside of my work for the County,” says Ginoza. “I’m proud to be my daughters’ soccer “Team Dad” and go to their swimming practices. I’m also involved in education as a volunteer Board Member for the Wailuku Hongwanji Mission Japanese School.” Ginoza’s family-oriented values are enhanced by an unexpected talent – as a recreational magician. “I’m the free entertainment at birthday parties for my daughters and their friends. I have a bevy of tricks. I really enjoy that,” Ginoza adds with a warm smile.