Our Islands, Our Future

In a world where extreme weather events are increasing in severity and frequency, prioritizing energy resilience for homes, businesses, and communities is the only path forward to maintain a reliable and accessible supply of energy. Done properly, resilient energy systems can also improve health, comfort, and affordability.

The 11th Hawaii Energy Conference (HEC) on May 22 and 23 will explore cutting-edge solutions to improve resilience in the face of a rapidly changing climate. Hear from experts on topics such as whether biofuels can really support resilience while lowering carbon emissions and how resilience planning can prioritize historically marginalized and disadvantaged communities. The HEC will also provide an update from the Legislature and a discussion of the pros and cons of undergrounding and insulating electrical lines.

Distributed energy resources (DERs), including photovoltaic coupled with batteries, are critical tools for strengthening energy resilience in this volatile operating environment, and the HEC will highlight several flexible and wide-ranging applications for DERs already deployed to support housing on Maui since the August 2023 fires. The HEC brings together experts and thought leaders to connect and explore the latest advancements shaping the energy landscape world-wide. Join us at the MACC as we talk story about risk management, grid stability, and adaptive solutions that ensure a reliable and resilient energy supply.