Our Islands, Our Future

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Maui County Composite Squadron 057 is celebrating its 46th year of serving Maui County. The nonprofit organization is tasked by the U.S. Congress to help run programs that keep the country at the forefront of advanced air and space technology. With their adult and youth development program, CAP’s mission, to ‘Empower members with opportunities and resources to promote aerospace-related STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education and careers’, provides all Maui residents with numerous ways to serve the community.

As the civilian auxiliary of the Air Force, cadets develop ethical leadership skills, embrace an active fitness lifestyle, and gain problem-solving techniques through character development lessons. “Today’s cadets are tomorrow’s leaders,” said Col. Chantal Lonergan, CAP Hawaii Wing Commander. “They are committed to a personal code of honor, and are ready to lead in a diverse society. A capstone of the cadet experience is in our Orientation Flight Program where cadets receive education and training in preparation for flight in gliders and powered Cessna aircraft. For cadets who are motivated, there is an opportunity to apply for various scholarships for flight academics and special CAP activities. CAP’s STEM education programs bring over 40 free fun and engaging products and programs to our members in squadrons and classrooms throughout Maui. The program’s motto describes what cadet flying is all about: ‘Safe, fun, educational’.”

Cadet Lexie Galam added, “We are learning basic laws of physics and how they apply to aircraft and flying. Pilots explain how to perform basic flight maneuvers and the manner in which control surfaces are manipulated during roll, pitch, and yaw. For example, we learned about climbing turns with an emphasis on collision avoidance; how shallow climbs and descents affect vertical velocity and airspeed indicators; turns using magnetic compass and possible compass turning errors—variation, deviation, magnetic dip, and oscillation error; medium and steep bank turns; and how proper rudder coordination and control stick requirements keep the nose up. Volunteer services with CAP allow us to do good for other people. Even as kids, we can make a difference.”

Serving adults and youth in pre-K-12 grades, we offer aerospace courses and teacher training to increase comprehension of and enthusiasm for STEM topics.

Col. Chantal Lonergan, CAP Hawaii Wing Commander