Our Islands, Our Future

Jocelyn Romero Demirbag, Ed.D., Director of Development at the University of Hawaii (UH) Maui College, works to expand the college fundraising efforts through the UH Foundation. The Foundation, a private 501(c)(3) non-profit, was established in 1955 to encourage private support for the university. Today, it is the central fundraising organization for the UH System. “Our work is to unite donors’ passions with UH aspirations,” said Demirbag, “We raise philanthropic contributions and manage private investments to benefit UH, the people of Hawaii, and our future generations. The university is supported by numerous individuals from Maui Nui, the state and the mainland, as well as a diverse range of organizations and businesses that include non-profits and foundations, hotels, and cultural groups.”   

 “UHMC welcomes contributed support of all types,” Demirbag noted. “Funding is needed for scholarships, endowments, faculty development, and instructional resources including facilities, equipment and technology upgrades. Our vision is to inspire giving and partnership by fostering UH pride among donors, alumni and the community.”

 Demirbag pointed out, “One gift is all it takes to make a difference in the life of a UHMC student. With one gift, Maui residents can complete a degree and provide for their family, retool for a more satisfying career, or apprentice in the field of their dreams. One gift can be a game changer for both the college and students.”

 Recently, the Wailea Community Association became a UH Foundation community partner. The Association felt that the Maui health issue is critical for everyone. They realized that when you directly help a nurse you are improving the care that any patient is going to be receiving. “Not only did they pay for the licensure of our nursing class that graduated in May 2020, but they are also funding the costs associated with taking the examination for the May 2021 graduating class,” said Demirbag. “We are so grateful to Wailea’s Community Association and to all our supporters! We hope other potential community partners will learn more about the program and other ways they can support us. These partnerships are so needed during these challenging times.”

Community partnerships allow UH to provide more career-related opportunities that might otherwise never happen.

Jocelyn Romero Demirbag, Ed.D., Director of Development, UHMC