Our Islands, Our Future

The Maui Humane Society’s mission to forge lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach and the prevention of cruelty, resonated recently with members of the Focus Maui Nui Youth Alliance. Lahainaluna High School freshman Kaile Stockham was so impressed on a recent visit that she plans to enroll as an adult volunteer at the animal shelter when she turns 18. “I think it’s incredible the work that the Maui Humane Society does. They’re doing a good job to care for the animals.” With Kaile’s urging, the Youth Alliance toured the Maui Humane Society in January to learn about its mission and work for animals. “I learned a lot that I didn’t know about animals and how they’re treated,” Kaile said.

For their part, members of the Youth Alliance learned they could join the Junior Animal Advocate Group of Maui, a program of volunteers in grades 6 to 12 at the Maui Humane Society. They also got details on the Humane Society’s open admissions policy and commitment to finding homes for stray and abandoned animals. “They always want to get as many adoptions as possible,” Kaile said.

A four-year Youth Alliance member, Kelsie Chong, visited the Maui Humane Society with a new appreciation. “I thought it was a really fun place and very educational,” Kelsie said. Her family adopted a mixed breed dog about eight years ago from Maui Humane Society. The dog is part of a host of animals in the Chong residence. Kelsie also has four cats, a fish and 10 canaries. “I love them all. They’re innocent, they’re cute. They just make me happy.” Both Kaile and Kelsie said they were glad to see that the Maui Humane Society strives to seek all options for animals including shipping them off to less crowded shelters on Oahu. “I think it’s pretty sad the animals don’t have a home to go to, but the Maui Humane Society is doing its best to change that.”